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May 20, 2015



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Welcome to the 17th annual Northeast Professional Truck Drivers' Charity Challenge!

2015 Charity Challenge
September 13, 2015
Sherman Square
Devens, MA

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2014 Scores    2014 Special Awards

What an amazing weekend for the 16th Charity Challenge at Devens Massachusetts. 93 drivers, families and friends participated in the most successful event ever! The most fundraising money we collected from drivers, company contributions and food and raffle money had been $36,000 in 1998. This year the Charity Challenge tipped the scales at $44,000!!!!!!!!! After all expenses are paid the Northeast Professional Truck Drivers Association will proudly send approximately $32,000 to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This year we have crossed the one half million dollar milestone: our 16 year fundraising has reached $527,000.

The seven top drivers fundraised an astounding $16,000, topping a driver fundraising effort of $25,050. An incredible effort for all involved.

There is no question that many on the Charity Challenge Committee spend many hours and days preparing for this event. Look at the totals of the following drivers. It hard to fathom how much time and effort is need to fundraise this kind of money! I know for many the wives deserve just as much credit as the driver. Terry and Kenney Meyer, Edna and Lowell Crouse, Desiree and JB Brown, donations in memory of Carole Lyman were over $1400. Lately Hoff is just in outer space with his totals!

John Hoffman – Sysco Boston (MA) $4,012
Kenny Meyer – YRC (NY) $2,550
Bob Lyman – Air Products (ret) (NY) $2,535
JB Brown – Domino’s Pizza (CT) $2,075
Lowell Crouse – YRC (ret) (MA) $2,057
Ozzie Bartlett – Bozzutos (CT) $1,750
Denis Litalien – Clifford W. Perham/Shaws (ME) $1,000

Our 40 company partners donated just over $16,000 in cash in addition to merchandise, food certificates and very importantly, the use of their equipment.

The Grand Champion for the 2014 Charity Challenge was Denis Litalien from CWP / Shaws in Maine for the second year in a row!

Class winners include: John Hoffman – Sysco (MA), JB Brown – Domino’s Pizza (CT), Dave Misenheimer – Domino’s Pizza (CT), Mark McClure – Domino’s Pizza (CT), Paul Brandon – FedEx (CT), Roland Bolduc – FedEx (MA), Mickey Rafeal – YRC (NH), Tim Schofield – FedEx (MA).

Pre-trip Inspection – John Hoffman, Sysco Boston (MA), Written Test –Marty McMahon, Wadhams (NY),Top Retired Driver – Tim Carlin, Super Valu (CT), Top Management – Randy DeVault – Maine Motor Transportation Assoc. (ME), Father Son –the Carvers, Craig and Craig Jr., Rookie-of-the –Year – Harold Carter, Regency Transportation (MA) Top Set up – Rich Sweeney, Conway Freight (MA)

This year the Charity Challenge recognized Debbie Litalien and Candy Darling with the Robert Deslauriers Volunteer Recognition Award

Also two companies, Lynch Associates (MA) and Sysco Boston (MA), were recognized for their long time commitment to the Charity Challenge.

This year there were 9 companies vying for the team trophy (4 or more drivers). Domino’s Pizza won the team award for 2014 with an average score of 429 just edging out FedEx (419) and Conway Freight (410) Dominos keeps the trophy for the next year. The trophy contains the names of the companies and the drivers going back to the start of the CC in 1997.

Thanks to Jenn Hamilton and Nicole Bonica, our St Jude Reps for all of the work behind the scenes this year securing all the insurance and legal documents needed for an event of this magnitude. A real pleasure to work with both of you, although we did have our moments this year! Without the sight we don’t have an event. Thanks to Kim Walsh at Devens Recreation (MassDevelopment) we were burning up the phone and fax line until 5pm Friday night on legal issues (I was sweating) and thanks to Gary Crossen at New England Studios for the generous use of the parking lots.

The only way this Charity Challenge could work and has worked since 1997 is because of the incredible dedication of our committee and volunteers. Many of us are lifelong friends because of a chance meeting at a state or national competition many years ago. We are all committed to safe driving, being the best representatives of the trucking industry and giving back to the community, and in this case a special research hospital that does so much to fight childhood diseases.

93 drivers and their families along with 10 judges not driving took time out of their busy schedules to participate in the Charity Challenge this year. It's one thing to attend when you live in the area, quite another when attending means a two or three day commitment. Drivers from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island traveled 3 hours plus to participate. Four or more hours from New York and six to eight or more from Pennsylvania and Maryland. We hope the event and the huge contribution to St. Jude made it worth your time. Thank you very much for being here.

So many people helped out on Sunday it would be impossible to list. Drivers that competed also helped on the course. Wives were helping with the kids’ activities and food and raffle area. So many people asked if they could help out. What a great feeling.

Without the army behind the scenes no event like this could happen. Check the Volunteers page for the complete list. Special thanks to the following for their work during the summer to get ready for the event: Bob Darling (co-chair) – everything!, Doug Francey – Equipment procurement, Nicholas Schenk – Program Book, web design, official scorer, Don Herzog – treasurer, Denis Litalien – Trophies and registration, Ed Bacon – site preparation, Rich Sweeney – written tests, Jim Hosey – Course design along with Bob, Brian Singelais – MPTDA trailer prep., JB Baer and Jim Dolliver – calls to sponsors, Esther, Mike and David Milyaro – food orders and procurement, Mickey and Linda Rafeal and George Orchard – Raffle items, and Candy Darling getting everything ready for the kids.

Also, a huge thank you to the Leatherneck Honors Society of Massachusetts for presenting the Colors: Ray Morano, commander, George Barr, Chip Fagan, and our own Jim Dolliver. To Cathy Albanese for the singing of the National Anthem, and to Charlie Fleurant (CWP/Shaws) for the Invocation.

Fred Schenk, Chairman



The annual Northeast Professional Truck Drivers Charity Challenge is sponsored by the following organizations from across the Northeast region of the country. Their efforts continue to make this a successful event each year.

Massachusetts Professional Truck Drivers Association
Maine Professional Drivers Association
Champions Council of New York
Connecticut Professional Drivers Association
New Hampshire Professional Drivers Association














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